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Watershed education is the hot topic in schools and communities across the country and what better tool to get your children interested than EnviroScape's Make Your Own Watershed Kit.

A great way for all ages to learn about water pollution — this kit allows you to create your own watershed in a plaster form — and even make your own buildings to add to your watershed. And then paint and add the bridges. You have created your own watershed!

Activities and tips are included — such as adding cocoa for soil, drink mixes for chemicals, and making it rain. Even learn how to make manure for use on the model. Experiment with techniques (best management practices) for preventing water pollution.


  • Plaster molds
  • Plaster
  • 3 Paint Brushes
  • Non-Toxic Paint
  • 3 Green Felt Strips
  • Complete Instructions — including suggested activities & tips (English & Spanish)

    (cars, trees and animals not included)

Add a car, trees and some animals to help YOUR watershed project look more like the environment in which you live. Be imaginative when making your watershed. We look forward in hearing from you!

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